The Grapevine Committee of the greater Fayetteville area

The Grapevine service committee has representatives from Alcoholics Anonymous home groups across the surrounding areas of Cumberland, Robeson and Bladen Counties. The committee works to increase awareness and education of the international journal of AA known as the Grapevine. The committee meets the first Sunday of even months on the calendar at 3pm via zoom.

What Grapevine Activities are there for Alcoholics in Fayetteville?

The Grapevine Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous in the district encourages Grapevine representatives to share information with alcoholics in their home group about how they can obtain a subscription, submit their sobriety story, or an article to AA Grapevine, or….a great way to carry the message is—tell a joke!!  The Grapevine has a great joke section, At Wit’s End, that will always get a few laughs from fellow sober folks. The Grapevine Committee also aims to host one or two events each year to bring alcoholics together in the surrounding areas to carry the message of the AA Grapevine and cultivate a fellowship.

How Can I Find More Information on the AA Grapevine Magazine Featuring Stories of Sobriety in the Region and Beyond?

The AA Grapevine provides information about how to carry the message to alcoholics seeking sobriety through the print magazine, electronic version, audio, as well as books in print. Subscriptions are available—they make a GREAT gift for another alcoholic. All are available via

This committee meets the first Sunday of even months at 3pm via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 871 7798 6161
Passcode: 673781

Here is a link to the weekly Grapevine Podcast. Check it out!